Motion Detector Sends Alerts to Your Phone


motion detectorThe S-PIR is a self-contained motion detector with a built in GSM modem for sending a SMS text message to you when a zone is breached.

Installation is simple as SeNd Technology states that you just register the pay-as-you-go SIM card with some credit and insert into the S-PIR, plug in the mains transformer and you are ready to configure. Then by SMS change the security passcode and add your mobile number – and it’s ready.

To “arm” just “ring” the S-PIR for a few seconds and it will give you a 15 second window to leave the secure area.

When the PIR sensor next detects motion you will receive a SMS informing you.  The S-PIR will then call you so you can hear (via the units built-in microphone) and activity at the remote location.

S-PIR Alert by SMS

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  1. You have to contact the manufacturer through the link in the article.

  2. How much, and does it have a battery?

  3. Please let me know how much this product is.