ASM Introduces Compact MEMS Inclinometer for OEM Applications


ASM introduces its smallest addition to the POSITILT® inclinometer series that is available in single and dual axis versions. By using MEMS technology, this new inclinometer PTAM20 series is packaged into a very compact, flat housing making it ideally suited for OEM applications. The measurement range for the single axis version is available from +/- 15° to +/- 180°, in increments of 15°. For the dual axis version, the measurement range is available from +/- 15° to +/- 60°, in increments of 15°.


Due to its small size of 7mm in height and 48 mm in diameter, the PTAM20 series inclinometer has been designed to fit into the tightest locations in OEM applications. The enclosure is rated IP60 which is suitable for many instrumentation functions.

The maximum measurement range for the single axis version is +/- 180° and +/- 60° for each axis in the dual axis version. Each version is available with smaller ranges in +/- 15° increments. Several analogue output types are available: 0.5-4.5 V, 0.5-10 V and 4-20 mA.

The resolution is 0.05° and the linearity is up to +/- 0.5°. Each version offers high shock resistance.


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  2. I would suggest contacting the manufacturer for this information.