Navigation Sensor Expands Use of AGVs


Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) typically work in climate controlled environments, although you will find rugged versions working out doors. A laser navigation sensor, the LS5 Navigator, promises to expand AGV application. It handles indoor and outdoor environments as well as cold storage, paving the way for AGVs to operate in harbor, loading platform, and similar applications.

The sensor withstands wide variations in temperature (-30° C to +50° C) and relative humidity (< 95%) as well as mechanical stress like vibrations and shocks. A direct drive motor with few moving parts minimizes maintenance.

The optics system maximizes measurement and consistency. It is adaptable to different types of communication, simplifying sensor replacement. It also works with AutoSurveyor, a software tool for automatic and accurate determination of reflector coordinates.

LS5 Navigator is available in two versions: One for outdoor/indoor use and one for indoor use only.

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